Preparation for the ISPC Science Forum 2016: A Gateway to Transformative Agricultural Research


The ISPC Science Forum 2016, a highly anticipated event, is just around the corner. Co-hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), this forum will be held from 12-14 April 2016 in Addis Ababa. With its focus on the topic of "Agricultural research for rural prosperity: rethinking the pathways," the forum presents an invaluable opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful discussions and shape the future of agricultural research. Whether you are a seasoned participant, eager to join, or simply interested in gaining insights from the event, this article will guide you through the process and emphasize the significance of the forum. However, you can refer to where there is cheap article writing and read even more materials that can be involved in preparing for the forum.

Preparing for the Forum

If you are attending the ISPC Science Forum 2016, it is essential to make adequate preparations to ensure a fruitful experience. The first step is to familiarize yourself with the list of topics that will be discussed during the forum. Pay attention to those areas that are new or unfamiliar to you, as they can provide avenues for expanding your knowledge and understanding. For topics that may be narrowly focused, consider using a dictionary or relevant resources to gain a deeper grasp of the concepts. By proactively engaging with the subject matter, you can actively participate in discussions and make the most of your time at the forum.

The Importance of the ISPC Science Forum 2016

The ISPC Science Forum 2016 holds immense significance for the field of agricultural research and rural development. This gathering of experts, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners provides a unique platform for exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, and fostering collaboration. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, the forum aims to drive transformative change in agricultural research and contribute to rural prosperity. The discussions and outcomes from the forum have the potential to shape policies, influence funding decisions, and inspire innovative approaches to addressing global agricultural challenges.

An Opportunity for Learning and Networking

Beyond its role in driving transformative change, the ISPC Science Forum 2016 offers participants an invaluable opportunity for learning and networking. The forum will feature renowned speakers and experts in the field who will share their insights, research findings, and experiences. By actively participating in sessions, workshops, and panel discussions, you can gain in-depth knowledge about the latest trends, advancements, and emerging opportunities in agricultural research. Additionally, networking with fellow participants, peers, and industry leaders can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and future research endeavors.

Contributing to the Forum

Participation in the ISPC Science Forum 2016 is not limited to passive listening. Attendees have the chance to contribute their expertise and insights to the discussions. Active engagement can take various forms, such as presenting research findings, sharing success stories, or participating in interactive sessions. By actively contributing to the forum, you can make a meaningful impact and help shape the direction of agricultural research for rural prosperity.

Attending the ISPC Science Forum 2016: Maximizing Your Experience

The ISPC Science Forum 2016 is not just another conference; it is a unique gathering that brings together influential voices in the field of agricultural research and rural development. As you prepare for this transformative event, here are some additional tips to maximize your experience and make the most of your time at the forum.

  1. Plan your schedule: Take advantage of the detailed program provided by the forum organizers. Review the agenda, identify sessions of interest, and prioritize those that align closely with your areas of expertise or research. Consider attending sessions outside your comfort zone to broaden your understanding and gain new insights.
  2. Engage in discussions: The ISPC Science Forum 2016 encourages active participation and meaningful dialogue. Don't hesitate to ask questions, share your perspectives, and engage in discussions with fellow participants, presenters, and panelists.
  3. Network strategically: Networking is an integral part of any conference, and the ISPC Science Forum 2016 is no exception. Be proactive in connecting with fellow attendees who share similar interests or research focuses. Exchange contact information, schedule one-on-one meetings, and explore potential collaborations or partnerships.
  4. Take notes and reflect: With a wealth of information being shared at the forum, it's essential to take notes during sessions and discussions. Jot down key ideas, notable quotes, and references to further explore. After each day, take some time to reflect on what you've learned and how it relates to your own work.
  5. Embrace diversity and different perspectives: The ISPC Science Forum 2016 attracts participants from various countries, disciplines, and backgrounds. Embrace the diversity and be open to different perspectives. Engage in cross-disciplinary discussions, attend sessions outside your field of expertise, and seek opportunities to collaborate with researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds.
  6. Follow up after the forum: The connections and insights gained during the ISPC Science Forum 2016 should not end with the event itself. Stay engaged with the forum's community by joining relevant online platforms, participating in discussion groups, and staying informed about future events and opportunities.

By approaching the ISPC Science Forum 2016 with a proactive mindset and implementing these strategies, you can make the most of this unique platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Embrace the opportunities for learning, networking, and contributing to the discussions. Together, let us rethink the pathways to rural prosperity through transformative agricultural research at the ISPC Science Forum 2016.


As the ISPC Science Forum 2016 approaches, the importance of adequate preparation and active participation cannot be overstated. This forum serves as a gateway to transformative agricultural research, offering a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation. By immersing yourself in the topics, engaging with fellow participants, and contributing your expertise, you can play a vital role in shaping the future of agricultural research. Embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm, and together, let us rethink the pathways to rural prosperity through transformative agricultural research.