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Agricultural research for rural prosperity: Rethinking the pathways

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This is the third of a three-part series of reporting on three plenary presentations aiming…

The objective of the 2016 Science Forum is to rethink the pathways for agricultural research to stimulate inclusive development of rural economies in an era of climate change. The Forum will marshal evidence and build on lessons learned to date, to suggest an updated list of priority research areas and approaches which involve more strategic and inclusive engagement with partners. However, if you wish to buy letter of recommendation or obtain any other service from us, you need to reach us directly via contact form.

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About the Forum

Held from 12-14 April 2016 in Addis Ababa, the ISPC Science Forum 2016 will address the topic of “Agricultural research for rural prosperity: Rethinking the pathways”.


Three full days are allocated for lively scientific debate. Plenary sessions raise the big questions in testing concepts, pathways and assumptions, followed by breakout sessions, delving into these topics.

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The Programme


Day 1 will focus on learning from experience – what does the evidence tell us about which pathways have worked and how has the challenge changed? What are the pathways that link agricultural research and poverty reduction?

See the full schedule for Day 1 here.



Day 2 will delve into the regional context – exploring the main pathways from agricultural research to poverty in five regions and then exploring in more depth one driver common to each of the three continents.

See the full schedule for Day 2 here.



Day 3 will be forward-looking – synthesizing information from the first two days of the Forum and identifying key topics/pathways within the overall context that merit further discussion.

See the full schedule for Day 3 here.

Nursery of cabbage seedlings

There will be opportunities for post-SF16 field visits on 15 April 2016. Participants will have the option of choosing one trip from the following five:

  1. East Shoa direction. Focus on livelihood opportunities with livestock, irrigation and trees.
  2. Debre Berhan direction. Focus on sustainable intensification, fruit, livestock, small-scale irrigation, dry season animal feeding, integrated watershed management.
  3. Holetta direction. Focus on root crops and potato value chains.
  4. Debre Zeit direction. Focus on livelihood and field and staple crops – post-harvest, farmer group collective production/value addition and marketing, seed and input systems, and Debre Zeit research station.
  5. Addis Ababa and region. Focus on public-private actors and partnerships, Ethiopia Biodiversity Institute, Menagesha Biotech Industry, AKF feed processing company.

See the full schedule for the field visits here.

Photo credit: Anne Wangalachi/CIMMYT.

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