Running concurrently with the Forum will be a Knowledge Share Fair, which will provide participants with the opportunity to exchange new information and ideas and to share exciting initiatives. This is a kind of method of verbal communication, involving their own scientific work, as well as the principle of question-answer, which may help to learn more about field of study. Thus, speaking, as well as answering questions from the audience, you can to learn something new for yourself, or come to other thoughts, arguments, positions. Also, if you need expert help in this context, you can turn to both essays writers and researchers after the forum. After all, very often after the speeches, if someone is interested in the topic, researchers meet and discuss the work in a more informal atmosphere.

Poster Deadline: The deadline for submissions for viewing at the Forum has passed. The Knowledge Fair is open for submissions if you are interested in submitting an electronic poster for the website only.

SF2016 Knowledge Share Fair PostersElectronic posters. All interested individuals are invited to submit electronic posters for the Knowledge Share Fair. Electronic posters should offer brief information on an initiative, idea, or project relevant to the Forum theme. The design of each poster is flexible, though we suggest it should include clear concise messages supported by graphs, tables and/or photos.

Interested individuals are requested to fill in the form below and submit posters (pdf format only) for consideration.

  • Abstract (including relevance of poster to topic area, what is innovative/new which the poster is presenting, partners and or partnerships involved in the project/research being presented, etc.). Abstract is limited to 2500 characters maximum.