SF2016 Logistical information

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The ISPC Science Forum 2016 will be co-hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and held from 12-14 April 2016 in Addis Ababa addressing the topic of: “Agricultural research for rural prosperity: rethinking the pathways”. We all understand how important agriculture is, as well as the ways of its development, because the main goal of our society is equality and satisfaction of needs, for example, in food. That is why it is so important to hold forums, presentations, meetings, conferences that would reveal the potential benefits of certain studies, if you need help with this, contact the marketing plan writing service.

The Forum will be held at the United Nations Conference Centre, at UNECA headquarters (http://www.uneca.org/ecacc). Please read the following information carefully, as it will help you to plan your travel to Addis Ababa.


Participants will be required to register and obtain identification badges prior to the start of the Forum. Registration will start from 14:00 hrs on Monday 11 April 2016 and will take place in the Delegates Registration Building, which is located at the pedestrian entrance of the ECA compound. On Tuesday 12 April, registration will begin at 08:00 hrs. Please ensure that you carry an official identification card bearing a photograph (passport, drivers license, national ID card, etc.) – you will not be able to pick up your badge without such a document. For security reasons, identification badges should be worn by all participants at all times, during the Forum as well as during official social functions.


Ethiopian currency is denominated in “birr” and “centimes”. The exchange rate fluctuates. The official exchange rate of the United Nations was USD 1.00 = ETB 21.0041 as of December 2015.

There is a branch of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in the ECA compound, in the Rotunda. The bank is open Monday–Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.


You must declare any/all foreign currency in excess of 3000 USD (or its equivalent). You can only carry a maximum of 3000 USD (or it equivalent) when departing from Ethiopia. Please keep all your bank slips showing the purchase of Ethiopian birr, you will need to show your air ticket, and slip when you finally depart from Ethiopia to exchange Ethiopian Birr in to USD.

Please exchange all foreign currencies at your hotel desk or a bank. Most banks give service Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Any traveler entering or exiting Ethiopia may carry a maximum of 200 Ethiopian Birr on their person or in their luggage.

Ethiopian customs rules limit the amount of precious metals or minerals imported or exported for personal use to a) 100 grams for gold and other precious metals; b) 30 grams for precious stones; c) 100 grams for semi-precious stones.

Permits are required before exporting either antiques or animal skins from Ethiopia. Antique religious artifacts, including “Ethiopian” crosses, require a permit for export. These permits can be processed by the Export Section of the Airport customs office. Even tourist souvenirs, especially crosses, may require such documentation if customs authorities deem it necessary, and/or may be confiscated by customs authorities if in excess of the allowable limit of precious metals as noted above. Animal skins must have an export permit, which can be obtained from the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority. Please also note that large Ethiopian crosses may not be taken on aircraft as hand luggage, as some airlines consider them to be potential weapons. Ivory trade is banned in Ethiopia. Travelers must not carry any ivory jewelry.


Please note you may be required to take some vaccinations prior to travel, visit a physician or a travel health clinic 4 weeks before departure.


  • Do not drink tap water or unbottled beverages.
  • Do not eat fruits or vegetables unless they have been peeled or cooked.
  • Avoid cooked foods that are no longer piping hot. Cooked foods that have been left at room temperature are particularly hazardous.
  • Avoid unpasteurized milk and any products that might have been made from unpasteurized milk.
  • Avoid food and beverages obtained from street vendors.
  • Do not eat raw or undercooked meat or fish.


Internet is complementary for room guests in most hotels in Addis Ababa. The United Nations Conference Centre is equipped with Wi-Fi. Please be advised that Blackberry services are not available in Ethiopia.


Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted


Ethio-telecom is only government owned service provider in Ethiopia. Post-paid sim cards are available at Ethio-telecom shops and some souvenir shops in hotels. Top up cards available in almost all shops and supermarkets.

You must present a copy of your passport, Ethiopian visa and 1 passport sized photographer to purchase sim cards. Sim cards are sold for less than 1.00 USD at Ethio-telecom shops and about 5-7 USD in souvenir shops.


Hotels participating with the Science Forum 2016 have complimentary shuttles for their guests to and from Bole International Airport. The price of the shuttle is included in the hotel fee. When reserving a room, please indicate the dates and times transportation to and from the airport will be needed.


Emergency Numbers

  • UN Control Room – Addis Ababa (24 hrs) +251 – 115- 445135 / 516537 / 512945
  • Security Chief +251-0911 201802
  • Deputy Chief +251-0911 508578

Emergencies outside of Addis

  • UN Operations Centre (24 hrs): + 251-115-511726
  • Sat Phone: +87162546835
  • Police Emergency Numbers (24 hrs): 911
  • City Police: +251-115 572100 / 572121
  • Federal Police: +251-115-524077 / 526302 / 526303


Here is a list of restaurants available in Addis Ababa for your information:

Blue Drops
011-661- 5714
Between Bole Tele &
Atlas Hotel, in front of Tsehay &
Her Children Building
Known for: Pasta and Grilled food
7 days a week

Carnivore Addis
From Meskel Sq. on the road to Bambis the same building Abyssinia Supermarket.
Known for: Grill meat/Salad bar
7 days a week

Blue Tops
011-123 -2463/64
Amist Kilo in front of the National Museum
Known for: Pizza, ice cream
Closed: Mon.

Jacaranda (Hilton)
011-551-8400 Ext.986
In the Garden Wing
of the hotel Known for: unique menu
that continuously changes
Closed: Sun

Hotel De Leopol
Behind Bambis
Known for: Candlelight dinner
7 days a week

Les Arcades (Sheraton Addis)
011-517-1717 Ext.6604
Known for: Gourmet menu
Closed: Sun

Kaffa House (Hilton)
011-551-8400 Ext. 962
In the main Lobby of the Hilton
Known for: Seafood every Friday
7 days a week

New YorkNew York
Olympia, near Shoa Bakery.
Know for burger & pizza.
7 days a week

Lime Tree
On Bole Road, above Boston Day Spa, in front of Tana.
Known for: Quick, fresh meals,
salads, delicious desserts
7 days a week

Rodeo Bar and Restaurant
On Bole Road, next to DStv.
Known for: BBQ on Thu, Fri, Sat
7 days a week

Serenade Restaurant
Near Master Printing Press Amist Kilo
Known for: Fine home
cooking, dinner only
Closed; Mon, Sun

Zebra Grill
On 22 Road, next to Ruality Pastry
Known for: Grilled food
7 days a week


Habesha Restaurant
Bole Road, next to Sabit Bld.
Known for: Kwanta Ferfer
and Bozena Shiro
7 days a week

Dashen Restaurant
011-552-9746, 011-552-6437
Behind the Main Post Office
Known for: Melasse tibs and live music on weekend nights
7 days a week

Fasika National Restaurant
011-550-9912 /
Off Bole Road, in front of Sunshine Building. Known for: Enfele and live music
Closed Sun


Ethiopia is as large as France and Spain combined and has an area of 1,112,000 square metres. Addis Ababa is situated at an altitude of 2,400 metres. Agriculture is the backbone of the national economy, and the principal exports from this sector include coffee, oil seeds, pulses, flowers, vegetables, sugar and animal feed. About 90 per cent of the population earns its living from the land. There is also a vibrant livestock sector, and exports include cattle, hides and skins.

The population of Ethiopia is estimated at 80 million, and over 50 per cent of the population is under 20 years of age. The average number of inhabitants per square kilometre is 69. Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic state with a great variety of spoken languages. There are 83 languages with 200 dialects, and the three main languages are Amharic, Tigrigna and Oromigna. English, French, Italian and Arabic are also spoken, mainly in Addis Ababa. Additional information on Ethiopia and ECA can be found online at http://www.uneca.org, http://www.ethionet.et, and http://tour.ethiopianonline.net.


Ethiopia has two main seasons. The dry season lasts from October to May, and the rainy season starts in late June and ends in September. Temperatures depend on the season and altitude. The weather is likely to be cold at night in April, so please ensure that you bring a warm jacket or sweater.


Electric supply in Ethiopia is 220-240 volts, 50 cycles AC accessible via 13-amp, two-pin (European) socket.


The United Nations Security and Safety Services is always ready to serve all its clients. In this regard, the cooperation of all participants at this meeting would help us a great deal in ensuring the safety of your valuables and your personal security.

Do the following while you are in ECA premises

  • Display your Conference Badges on demand of an authorized person and wear it visibly
  • Do not leave bags and parcels unattended; this will be confiscated or destroyed
  • Do not bring unauthorized persons and children into the conference center
  • Safeguard your valuable property
  • Check for your documents and items before you leave conference halls and meeting rooms
  • If you lose any valuable items within the premises, inform UN Security and Safety Service or inform the nearest Security Officer.

If you are off the ECA premises and in the Hotel

  • Upon entering or leaving your room, make it a habit to lock the door
  • Before leaving, inspect your room to make sure no money, jewelery, cameras, etc. have been left exposed
  • Deposit valuables or portable items at the reception desk and obtain a receipt
  • Should you observe anything suspicious or out of the ordinary please contact Security Service