From 12-14 April, 200+ people will gather in Addis Ababa to assess what we know about agricultural research pathways to rural prosperity. The event will take advantage of its Ethiopian location to learn first-hand about the country’s remarkable progress in agriculture and how research and development actors have contributed to this. Of course, by visiting a scientific forum, you will be able to listen to the opinions and positions of scientists, make impressions and summarize, based on information you already know. However, if you want to apply for the next forum or conference, you need to prepare a quality report and presentation. Libraries, and your curators can help you with this.

Day one takes stock of learning, zooming in on research pathways around poverty alleviation, climate change and gender. Breakout groups look at pathways for specific commodities. A knowledge marketplace at the ILRI campus (host to a dozen research groups and partners) gives participants opportunities to see and hear about different pathways, on the ground.

Day two looks at different regional experiences, discussing the changing drivers and partnerships and what they mean for agricultural research. Dedicated sessions provide “deep dives” into climate change and what it means for agricultural research and capacity development as a pathway to prosperity.

Day three brings the insights together with panels identifying take-away messages and directions for research and the challenge of getting evidence into policy use. The afternoon continues some of the parallel conversations around specific pathways.

We will have a team of reporters to document and disseminate key points and experiences shared.  Get involved, even from a distance:

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